Focus on Business Studies F2
  • Authors: Mwalo, Wairu, Onyango, Achola
  • ISBN: 9966-882-82-0
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  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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This is the second book in a four-part series of students' textbooks designed to meet the demands of the secondary schools business studies syllabus. As in the case of the 1st book i.e. Focus on Business Studies for form 1, the book aims at enabling the students to understand various concepts of business as an activity and also an undertaking. The book builds on the knowledge and understanding gained from the first book. It aims at assisting the students understand the various forms of businesses that can be established and operated in a country. The book then takes the student through various activities and undertakings of a business. Such activities include the physical distribution of the goods and services that the business deals in, which includes transportation and warehousing. It further furnishes the student with the knowledge and skills that would enable him or her appreciate the need for and the manner of undertaking insurance, promotion of the goods and services and communicating effectively.

The Authors
The authors are experienced and seasoned professional teachers who have handled various business subjects at secondary and tertiary levels for nearly two decades. In addition, they have been involved in curriculum development, for both secondary and tertiary programmes. The authors have also been extensively involved in test development and examinations. They have also authored other texts on business education subjects which have proved to be useful and popular to both teachers and students in secondary schools.