Focus on Business Studies F4
  • Authors: Mwalo, Wairu, Onyango, Achola
  • ISBN: 9966-01-027-0
  • Units in Stock: 1000
  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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Focus on Business Studies for Form 4 is the fourth and last book in the four-part series designed to meet the demands of the secondary school business studies syllabus. As in the case of the first three books, the book aims at enabling studies to understand various concepts of business as an activity and also an undertaking. The book builds on knowledge and understanding gained from the earlier books in the series. It takes the students through the process of preparing financial statements such as the trial balance, trading, profit and loss accounts as well as the balance sheet. It also furnishes students with the knowledge and skills that enables him or her to appreciate the need for and the manner of preparing financial ratios and how to prepare accounts in the absence of complete records. Issues such as banking, inflation, public finance, international trade, international financial institutions, foreign exchange rate systems, economic integration, economic growth and development planning are also adequately covered.

The Authors
The authors are experienced and seasoned professional teachers who have handled various business subjects at secondary and tertiary levels for over two decades. In addition, they have been involved in curriculum development, for both secondary and tertiary programmes. The authors have also been extensively involved in test development and examinations. They have also authored Focus on Business Studies Student's Books for Form 1, 2 and 3, among others, which have proved to be useful and popular to both teachers and students in secondary schools.