Focus on English F4
  • Authors: John Muthiora . Mary Consolata Mudachi
  • ISBN: 9966-01-032-9
  • Units in Stock: 1000
  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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Focus on English 4 is the last in a series of 4 books based on the revised English syllabus. Following the integrated approach to the teaching and learning of English, the book covers listening and speaking skills, grammar, comprehension, summary writing, literature and writing skills. The book uses topical issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty eradication, technological advancement and the use of polite language. Themes directly affecting the target group have also been included. In recognition of the emphasis placed on the development of writing skills in the revised curriculum and drawing from their vast resources, the authors have also included sample compositions written by students in this level to illustrate the different writing skills covered in the course. We hope that these essays will both entertain and motivate learners and at the same time introduce them to the joys of writing The test units given after every three units aim at ensuring that the students master the content covered and affords the teacher an opportunity to guide the students on examination techniques as a way of preparing them for the final examinations.

The Authors
The authors of this course are highly qualified and have vast experience in the teaching of English and in the production of teaching and learning resources at secondary school level. Mary Consolata Mudachi has taught English and literature in English in Kenyan schools for many years. She is currently the Head of English at Kianda School, Nairobi. John Muthiora has had extensive experience in the teaching of English at both primary and secondary school levels. He has also been actively involved in research in language learning. Currently he is the Head of English at Strathmore School, Nairobi.