Aids Education for the Youth
  • Authors: Joe Babendreier
  • ISBN: 9966-882-55-3
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  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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This book was written to be used by young people who want to know more about their sexuality and the reason God created them as sexual beings. Because everyone is familiar with the AIDS crisis, the book begins by reviewing some basic medical facts on AIDS. The focus of this book, however, goes far beyond the present crisis. The question is not simply how to deal with a severe problem. The crucial question is how to deal with a mystery called sex. AIDS is a looming disaster because it has become, almost overnight, the single most fatal disease in some of the world largest population centres. Human sexuality is one of the most beautiful aspects of our existence and one of the deepest mysteries of human nature. The better we understand this mystery—we will never fully comprehend it—the better we can deal with the AIDS crisis and other similar crises that threaten us. The second section of this book deals with marriage and preparation for marriage. It handles the topic from your point of view, here and now, as a person who still has a lot of issues in life to deal with.

The Authors
Joe Babendreier