Ethics [Learning to Live]
  • Authors: Patriciah Debeljuh
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The new millennium has started and we now find ourselves in a world situation that has been produced by a network of events, people, decisions which were connected to each other in time and space and which mark the present day world. In the past and today too, it has been fashionable to consider the ethics of these situations; this is because the human being has always had the tendency to wonder about the moral value of his actions and to ask himself is this act right or wrong? Daily life, with its ups and downs, with the good and the bad, offers a challenge to man, that of doing good and avoiding evil. At the same time, as history and experience show, this is not so easy. Daily life and the history of the world contain a series of contrasting situations: great scientific and technological advances co-exist with serious forms of social and economic injustice; there are huge capitalist empires, along with whole nations still living under the effects of underdevelopment and political corruption. These contrasting situations reveal the need for a radical personal and social conversion, capable of introducing justice, solidarity, honesty, transparency and sincerity into our world. There is a long road ahead of us, but the key to the door that opens up to a more human life, founded on authentic ethical values is within reach of those who are willing to struggle to obtain this goal. And that is precisely the challenge offered through this book. In other words, to improve society, we need to be willing to improve ourselves; this will help to create a society which respects each human person, and is, therefore, more humane.

The Authors
Patriciah Debeljuh