Mandy's Word Building Book
  • Authors: Mandy Bjordal Louis
  • ISBN: 9966-882-68-7
  • Units in Stock: 1000
  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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Guide to using this book 1. The teacher or parent should read the instructions with the class/child before starting a page. 2. The child should do one page at a time. 3. The same words could be copied into their exercise book the following lesson. 4. The same words could be given as a spelling test. In all, the child has three different practices on the same page. 5. The class can be asked to read, orally, a page of words they have done once or twice a week. 6. They can be individually tested on word-building and reading orally to the teacher/parent. This will help with correct pronunciation. 7. Meanings of words should be explained. 8. Children can choose a word and make a sentence either orally or write it down. 9. Colouring the pattern neatly should be emphasized. This workbook will increase the child's vocabulary by approximately 1 400 words.

The Authors
Mandy Bjordal Louis