• Authors: Ngumi KIbera
  • ISBN: 9966-882-33-2
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  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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“Listen!” Regi exclaimed and they all sat up trembling at the rumbling sound. They waited without knowing what was going to happen. Then the youngest boy started to whimper. Suddenly, there was crashing noise. “A-a lion!” Regi whispered, his eyes glued to an animal that was speeding through the bushes under the trees. They all held their breath waiting for the lion to attack but it turned towards the other side of the forest and disappeared. Behind it came many other animals fleeting from something—something dreadful... Then, everything started to go wrong in Kamazan village. There are deadly snakes and spiders roaming all over the land. The rains fail and people start dying of hunger. Is this the end of Regi’s village? Not quite. But there is no longer lots o f fun for the young boys in the village. Regi and his other friend Toma decide that if they cannot find adventure in their village, they would look for it in places they have never been before. Then they discover that being adventurous can lead to a great deal of trouble... Maximum trouble!

The Authors
Ngumi KIbera