African Drama & Theatre - Criticism
  • Authors: John Mugubi, Charles Kebaya
  • ISBN: 9966-01-157-9
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  • Published by: Focus Publishers


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African Drama and Theatre: A Criticism explores critical questions that scholars of African drama and theatre continue to grapple with. The contributors to this text investigate the developments of African drama and theatre from the Pre-colonial period to the Present. While paying attention to issues that characterize the practice of African drama and theatre in each historical period and with illustrations drawn from various parts of Africa, the contributors engage particular perspectives, theoretical and/or conceptual frameworks in their analyses. The result is a rich collection of essays that cover a wide range of topics such as the Concept and Nature of Traditional African drama and theatre, African Aesthetics in Traditional African drama and theatre, Re-appropriation of the African Aesthetic in Modern African drama, the Growth and Development of Kenyan drama and theatre, Theatre for Development in East Africa, and Minimalism as a theatrical strategy in Athol Fugard’s plays. The essays herein reflect a well researched representation of what has and is taking place in drama and theatrical scenes in the African continent. It is a book whose insights can be brought to bear upon contemporary discourses on African drama and theatre beyond the confined boundaries of this text.

The Authors
John Mugubi., PhD. is a seasoned scholar of Literature, Theatre Arts and Film at Kenyatta University. He holds a B.A. and M. A. from the University of Nairobi and a PhD from Kenyatta University. He has widely published in Literature, Theatre and Film. Charles Kebaya, M.A, holds a Master of Arts degree in Literature with a bias in Drama and Theatre Criticism and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature from Kenyatta University. Currently, Kebaya is working on his PhD Dissertation on drama and theatre. His research interests are in Postcoloniality in Literature, Drama and Theatre.