• Authors: Fina D'Souza
  • ISBN: 9966-01-154-6
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What is etiquette, and why is it important? A very simple definition is simply ‘good manners’ or “the correct and acceptable way of behaviour in a specific situation.” It is important because we are social beings, we live with others and therefore we have to try and make life pleasant for them and for ourselves. We live with a great variety of people who have very different characters and personalities and therefore there is bound to be friction at least occasionally, as we are not sponge cake, all soft and sugary, nor gold coins that everybody likes. Etiquette can be described as the oil, or lubricant of human relations. If oil is missing from a door hinge, the result is an ugly, grating sound that irritates. The same happens if it is missing from human relations. One has to take care of little things, as they are the deciding factor for making someone feel at ease or miserable when with others. Remember roughness begets roughness, just as politeness begets politeness.

The Authors
Fina D'Souza was born in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the Advancement Manager at Strathmore Business School and is also the Program Manager of all the post–graduate Academic Programs in the Coaching Department of the Business School. She has made various presentations on Social Etiquette to university students, as well as both young and mature professionals in various elds such as banking, accounting, insurance, hotel management, medicine, law and others. During the course of her professional life people often ask her questions on the right way to behave in dierent situations. Fina hopes this book will help in providing some answers to their queries. The enthusiasm of so many professionals for this topic and her own passion for the subject has led her to write this book. She sincerely hopes readers will enjoy reading it as much as she has enjoyed writing it.