Financial Accounting: A Global Perspective Vol 1


Financial Accounting: A Global Perspective Volume 1

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The inspiration to write arose from the need to provide a course text that contains sufficient illustrations in number and rigour. The clarity evident herein is intended to afford the student, connectivity between the most basic accounting principles in a sequence that promotes ease of understanding, thereby creating a firm foundation of the subject financial accounting. This, we did in recognition of the fundamental role that financial accounting plays as a key pillar for other types of accounting.

Cognizant that this volume one introduces the student to the accounting subject, we have deliberately tailored it to ensure that no prerequisite accounting course or knowledge is required. Additionally, we have made an effort to be as unequivocal as possible in language use in order to serve readers and students in countries in the African continent that sit KASNEB examinations other than Kenya. This does not in any way exclude students sitting accounting examinations for other bodies; it is just that we had to choose a setting on which to domicile the book. It is our hope that readers and students will find this text useful in facilitating acquisition of a solid foundation of the subject.


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