Ali the Little Sultan


Ali the Little Sultan

Author: Lily Mabura

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Author: Lily Mabura

For years, mighty old Sultan Bashir sat on the same bamboo seat in the porch worrying. He ate little, slept little and worried much till his beard grew very, very, long and white.

What would cause so much worry to a mighty Sultan? Well, it was the Little Sultan Ali, the Sultan’s only child. Sultan Bashir wanted a tall, strong and brave son to succeed him.

But poor Ali was no more than a metre tall. The Sultan prayed his son would grow taller or more fierce looking, but Little Ali just grew happier. When the time came for him to be trained for war, he learnt to play music and sing songs instead.

But unknown to the worrying Sultan, his kingdom was about to be attacked by fierce Sultan Taabu and the only person who could save them was the Little Sultan…


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