Courting Trouble


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Agatha Karimi is just settling down to life in Tazama school after a tumultuous one and a half years. But some of her schoolmates have other ideas. Perpetually high on assorted drugs, they plan to make life hard for their colleagues and teachers. Agatha and her small band of trusted classmates, however, have their own ideas about how they want to stay in school. In Mawazo school, Alex Mbagara, despite pulling the tail of the class merit list, recruits a band of like-minded students to burn the school. But he makes one critical mistake, he includes David Nguru, a late entrant into the school, in his small group of conspirators. What he doesn’t realize is that Nguru will go to any length to make sure that his life in school is not interrupted… again! Alex suddenly finds himself on the run and not just from the school and law enforcement agencies, but also for his life…


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