Entrepreneurship and business communication


Authors: Prof. Ruth N. Kiraka, Irene Ngunjiri

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This book explores the journey into starting and growing enterprises so that those who read it will have the necessary tools to start and grow their own businesses. It covers a broad range of issues: Exploring business opportunities; Business planning; Innovation; Enterprise development and growth; International entrepreneurship opportunities; Legal issues for the entrepreneur that covers different aspects of the Kenyan laws as they relate to enterprises; and Funding for the business. The book concludes with a chapter on Communication, a vital feature for any business and explores the significance of effective communication for business success.

The book is principally written for CPA students. It is therefore written having in mind the learning outcomes of the Entrepreneurship and Communication in the CPA syllabus. Each chapter concludes with a set of practice questions and case studies. Additionally, the appendix contains questions from past CPA examinations that students can use for revision.

However, the book is a key resource for an undergraduate course in entrepreneurship, and a valuable asset for any entrepreneur. Comprehensive cases have been selected by the authors to go hand-in-hand with chapter concepts. They provide a practical, step-by-step approach that makes learning easy. Using the case studies, entrepreneurs can apply their own ideas and develop useful entrepreneurial skills. The cases also guide entrepreneurs to understand business challenges that they are likely to face today and in the future.


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