I swear by Apollo


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“Kill a man if you must but never deprive him of hope— for with that you kill him anyway and in a much more cruel way.” The dawn of the 21st Century and a country struggles to rise from the vortex of inefficiency, corruption, and filth that dogged it up to the close of the last century.

In this sequel to the award-winning The River and Source, Margaret Ogola weaves around the lives of the grandchildren of Mark and Elizabeth Sign —lives that mirror the tribulations and aspirations of a people going through a reexamination of their values and attitudes in search for their true human identity and place in a fast-changing world.

About the Author
Dr. Margaret Ogola was a pediatrician married to Dr. George Ogola. They had five children. She was the Executive National Secretary, Commission for Health and Family Life, Kenya Catholic Secretariat. She was also the Country Coordinator, Hope for African Child Initiative (HACI), Kenya. Her first novel The River and The Source won the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature in 1995 and The Commonwealth Writer’s Prize for the Best First Book, Africa region, 1995. She also coauthored Educating in Human Love together with her husband George.


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