Kolo the Soothsayer


Kolo the Soothsayer

Emmanuel Kariuki

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By Emmanuel Kariuki

Champs the Savanna chimp loves bananas. But so does Kolo the colobus monkey. The only problem is that Kolo does not have the courage to steal the bananas from the farm. Kolo, pausing as a soothsayer, soon gets almost everybody in the Savanna to steal bananas for him in exchange for his services.

Things get out of when Lion, Zebra and Giraffe are seen carrying bananas on their heads. Stompie the hippo can’t take it any more. He decides that he will not only prove that Kolo really does not know what will happen before it happens, but he will also not know what hit him…

Emmanuel Kariuki is an accomplished artist who paints in oils and water colours. He has taught art and design for many years in tertiary institutions. Currently, he is an Exhibits Designer at the National Museums of Kenya. He is married and they have two children. He is also an author of Python the Investigator, Eating is Hardwork and The Savanna Laughing Stock.