Sisyphus’ Task: The Battle for the Soul of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation


By Waithaka Waihenya

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By Waithaka Waihenya

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation has been an enigmatic media House. Broadcasting House, as its headquarters is known has been the spawning ground for many journalistic careers and has remained one of the most enduring emblems of journalism to date. Standing on the steps of this House, Waithaka Waihenya sets out to explore the history of this giant media house, beloved by many but also loathed and detested by many. Tracing its origins from the colonial times, the author navigates through the eddies and currents and the whirligig of time and motion that have seen this giant media house move from one crisis to another and which has, for the most part, managed to overcome its challenges to confound both friend and foe.
Waihenya invites us to see the corporation in a new way. Rather than writing it off or condemning it as an institution that has outlived its purpose, the KBC should be seen as an institution that is part and parcel of our culture but which is sorely in need of government support and public appreciation. Sisyphus Task tells the story of an institution that presents peculiar challenges to all those who are mandated with the task of running it but whose obituary is not about to be written yet.