The Nile’s Embrace


The Nile’s Embrace

By Montserrat Del Amo

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The Nile’s Embrace is an extraordinary adventure story. Extraordinary because for two young boys to set off on a one thousand kilometre canoe trip down the Nile is not exactly like taking a ride around the estate….But that’s not all. Besides the action we appreciate the considerations made which help us to grasp the theme of the novel. We enjoy the somewhat subtle judgements made, the analysis of actual situations very different from our own, etc.

The author invites us to read, live an incomparable human adventure!

About the Author
Montserrat Del Amo was born in Madrid on 15th June 1927. She studied Philosophy and Arts specialising in Hispanic Literature. She has been a literature teacher and has collaborated in children’s magazines and two of her creations have been adapted for TV: Patio de corredor and Zuecos y naranjas. She has written stories, novels, plays and poems. She has published 45 books.
Montserrat del Amo has won many important literary awards. Twelve to be precise, the most important of which are the Lazarillo for Rastro de Dios. Doncel for Zuecos y naranjas. AETIJ awarded to her for La fiesta. The CCEI for Chitina y su goto. The Nuevo Futuro for La torre. In 1978 the Ministry of Culture awarded her the National Prize for children’s literature for El nudo.